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Agility Bits News and Updates

The January 2015 Minutes are out

In the last meeting of the Kennel Club Agility Liaison Council on 22nd January 2015 a proposal for a fourth height for the smaller large dogs was included in agenda.  The decision on the proposal has been deferred until research has been completed in December 2015.  There were a lot of other interesting proposals and discussions at this meeting and the minutes can be found on the Kennel Club page

Jilly's second birthday

It's JIlly's second birthday today, 7th February.  She's had a lovely walk on the beach and a play in the garden plus some special treats.  The ground is really too hard for training outside at the moment so we're training indoors.  We've also done our first competition of 2015.  There's a couple of photos and videos on the blog.


A quick update on our progress

Jilly is having a lot of fun training this winter and we've just done our last show of the year. We had to buy a new weave as the stick in the ground poles were not much good for Jilly.
Read more in the blog

Introducing a fourth height
Do you have a small large dog?  Would you like to see a fourth jump height?  Here's what's happening with the Kennel Club regarding the fourth height and current research into dog jumping. 

See also the latest agenda for the Kennel Club Agility Liaison Council meeting in January.  Links to the agenda and all the annexes can be found here.


Jilly's First Show

Jilly had loads of fun at her first ever show.  She was running as a, 'Not for competition' dog at the UKA Tamisje show held near Newquay in Cornwall.  The show runs for six days and it's split over two weekends.  We have just completed the first three days and both dogs have really enjoyed themselves.  Sasha has done well to come second in the jumping class and she has run some very good courses.   We have also had a major breakthrough.  See more pictures and videos in the blog.


Jilly's Blog

Jilly has her own little blog and diary where I'm recording her adventures.  This is now morphing into the dog blog.  11th August -  Jilly's first show



Training bits
We've just finished a 6 week course and have learned lots more about contacts.  Our first competition is on 8th August.




Are you competing for the first time?  You must have your dog measured before you can compete at a Kennel Club show.  Here's how to go about it.


Jilly's first bithday

Jilly is one today, 7th February.  I can't believe how quickly she's grown from the dear little puppy on the left to the pretty little girl on the right.  More pictures of her first birthday can be found in her blog.


Stick in the ground jumps
I've just made a new stick in the ground jump with moveable jump cups.  It's great for a first jump or a first puppy jump.

The Kennel Club pages have now been updated with handy links to the regulations, measuring, registration form etc.  You can also find links to the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Agility Liaison Council minutes.  I've included summaries of the proposals and discussions for 2013/14 so that you don't have to wade through the documents.

Puppy and adolescent training
For those people who have just got a puppy this is a really good ebook.  If your puppy has got to the hooligan stage (adolescence) there are some excellent chapters to help you through this difficult phase.


Jilly isn't quite turning out like this

Thanks to Carol Seymour for the cartoon. 


Don't ever let anyone tell you that you must have a collie to do agility.  Take a look at this clip of an American trial.


Some of the bits in Agility Bits

The Doggie shop

The Winter Sales are now ON and there are some great savings

Lots of bargains from our partners.  Find everything you need for your dog.


Make your own equipment.  Lots of ideas and designs for jumps, contacts etc.

Garden jump and Sasha

Eligibility for Classes
If you're grade 1 or 2 it can be confusing working out which classes you're eligible for, especially if you want someone in a higher grade to run your dog for you.  Here are the rules with some examples.

A compendium of bits and pieces on dog training from loose heelwork to leg weaving.  Training also includes Rally Obedience
Sasha goes to regular rally classes and I have started compiling a section especially for people who are interested in this.

Other Bits
Various articles and a complete online ebook on pulling dogs.

Classes and Shows
All sorts of information on starting to compete and what the classes are like.

Kennel Club
Handy links to the Kennel Club Agility Pages, including minutes of the Agility Liaison Committee meetings and the Flyball and Agility regulations.

Agility Fun
A light hearted look at the funny side of dog agility including how to teach the dogwalk using a chicken, a cat and a plank.

Jamie and Sasha

Dog Breeds
Most dogs love agility and this breeds directory includes comments from handlers of various breeds. 

Dog Games
Here's a selection of games to play with your dogs plus a couple of daft computer games.

Dog Names
Are you having trouble naming a dog? Most of the names in this section were sent in by visitors to Agility Bits and they may give you inspiration.


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